Showing Up: The Difference Between Repetition and Practice

"Practice, and all is coming." - Guruji Pattabhi Jois Most yogis or yoga practitioners have heard Pattabhi Jois' famous line over and over again.  When I first encountered this, I was awestruck by how the simple wording can reveal such deep truths. I have witnessed this unfold in my own practice without being conscious of [...]

Elevating Standards

  Counting down the days till 2017. Been struggling with setting my personal theme for next year until I got the new Rockwell Land calendar in the mail. How apt that the theme for the month I posed for reminded me about raising my standards in all aspects. I was just telling a few friends [...]

What a Wonderful World

Good morning! The heat in the city nowadays is becoming so unbearable. It makes me wanna go back to the beautiful and (literally) cool island of Batanes where the air is so fresh and pure, the land was lush with green pastures, and the people were smiling, genuinely happy to be living with a simple [...]