Elevating Standards

  Counting down the days till 2017. Been struggling with setting my personal theme for next year until I got the new Rockwell Land calendar in the mail. How apt that the theme for the month I posed for reminded me about raising my standards in all aspects. I was just telling a few friends [...]

Breathe and Smile: Mindfulness Retreat with Plum Village Monks

Breathing in, I go back to the island within myself. There are beautiful trees within the island. There are clear streams of water. There are birds, sunshine, and fresh air. Breathing out, I feel safe. I enjoy going back to my island. Extending the mindfulness retreat here in the city by practicing noble silence in [...]

The Book of Joy

"The Book of Joy" is a beautiful book about the conversation between the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. It talks about how to have lasting peace in an ever-changing world. I just recently started reading it and I can't help but smile (literally) as I turn each page. These two spiritual leaders are so [...]

No Day But Today

I learned that today was International Peace Day through Facebook. I'm not one who generally celebrates these things or even mentions them but for today, I felt it was just apt to share something I've been reflecting on since yesterday. In my youth, I was a very extroverted and bubbly musical fan. The first musical [...]