No Day But Today

I learned that today was International Peace Day through Facebook. I'm not one who generally celebrates these things or even mentions them but for today, I felt it was just apt to share something I've been reflecting on since yesterday. In my youth, I was a very extroverted and bubbly musical fan. The first musical [...]

We Are All Connected

A beautiful rendition of Andy Weir's philosophical short story, "The Egg." The first time I read this was around 6 years ago. It became viral on the internet and rightly so because it's simple, yet profound as well. I was touched by this story but through the years, started to forget it. I recently stumbled [...]

Make a Difference

We are all the young man. We are all the second man. We are all the starfish. I was going through some of my old files and came upon a short story I saved because of its simple yet meaningful message. Oftentimes, we encounter people, situations, emotions that seem insignificant to us - an old [...]