Elevating Standards

  Counting down the days till 2017. Been struggling with setting my personal theme for next year until I got the new Rockwell Land calendar in the mail. How apt that the theme for the month I posed for reminded me about raising my standards in all aspects. I was just telling a few friends [...]

The Book of Joy

"The Book of Joy" is a beautiful book about the conversation between the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. It talks about how to have lasting peace in an ever-changing world. I just recently started reading it and I can't help but smile (literally) as I turn each page. These two spiritual leaders are so [...]

Save the Date

A special Valentines offering from Beyond Salcedo this coming Sunday, Feb 14. ☺️  Celebrate love, playfulness, and feel-good relationships this Valentines Day with our special vinyasa class that incorporates partner poses. Flow with the breath, move to groovy music, and connect with each other through supportive asanas that help deepen our stretch and our sense [...]