The Art of Now

It’s so easy to get caught up with the endless whirlwind forces of our thoughts. We vacillate in so many directions – past, present – thinking that these are more important than what’s happening now. I find that I justify my attachment to these thoughts (and emotions) by telling myself that it’s good to be prepared or it’s great to ruminate about the past and learn from it. But we don’t have to spend as much time in the past or future as we think for the true moment of power – the place where everything and anything can happen – is only in the now.

Recently, I found myself in the middle of this turbulent twister of thoughts and emotions. I let myself be dragged by them but I also realize I don’t want to continue living this way any longer.

This article on the “Art of Now” really helped ground me and remind me of how I can maneuver through these sudden storms of anxious thoughts and worries. It reminds me to be here now. Sharing this here so others in the same situation may find their way out of the chaos by becoming more present.

Respond thoughtfully, rather than automatically.


The Art of Now: 6 Steps to Living in the Present Moment

Have a great week!

“Walk with Me: A Journey Into Mindfulness”

Breathing in, breathing out.
Breathing in, breathing out.
I am blooming as a flower.
I am fresh as the dew.
I am solid as a mountain.
I am firm as the earth.
I am free.
Breathing in, breathing out.
I am water reflecting
What is real, what is true,
And I feel there is space
Deep inside of me.
I am free, I am free, I am free.

Definitely something to look forward to. Thich Nhat Hanh and The Plum Village are so dear to my heart as they were my first introduction and experience with Buddhism.


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