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UNIQLO #ArigatoFanFest

October flew by with a whirlwind of events so I’m so ready to welcome a calmer November with open arms.

One of the best ways we can start a new month is to give thanks to all that has supported and encouraged our passion and growth through the years!

I’m especially grateful for Uniqlo Philippines for being part of my fitness and style journey. I love how their pieces are great as stand-alones but also very complementary to anything I pair them with.


I’m currently enjoying my black active seamless bra (cross back,) AIRism UV cut mesh hoodie, AIRism performance tights, and Dry-EX ultra stretch shorts ensemble. I’m usually a colorful person but I’ve been inspired by Budokon’s simplistic color scheme that I found myself gravitating towards darker shades now. Fortunately, Uniqlo also offers so many choices of colors to suit anyone’s mood and personality.

The best news of all is that Uniqlo is having a week-long #ArigatoFanFest celebrating YOU for all your support and enthusiasm over the brand. Come drop by any branch to check out their special offers and celebrate this week of generous thanksgiving! The Arigato Fan Fest runs from November 2-8 here in Manila! See you guys there!


A Simple Proof that All is Inter-Connected


I wanted to share this Ted-Ed video about the Secret Language of Trees, showing how trees communicate with their surroundings without even moving. Despite its steady and unmoving physique, trees like all of us, are much more than what meets the eye. We are all made up of smaller things – atoms, energy, patterns – whatever you would like to call them, they exist to create a bigger whole. Even, we as humans who seemingly work with and against each other, are all contributing to a much bigger universe. Our small actions, including our thoughts, can have an impact that we may not even foresee.