Namaste, Holy Beings!
It has been a meaningful and fulfilling 8 months of sharing space, energy, and time with everyone on Insight Timer. I truly hope that those who have joined the classes benefited from them.
We will continue to pay it forward and allocate 10% of our donations from July to December 2021 to For Our Farmers, an organization that is very special to me.
From the previous months’ earnings, we were able to make donations to the following:
  • April 2021: we made a donation to “For Our Farmers,” a non-profit organization that began in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic to extend help and support to our farmers in the provinces who strive hard to provide food for all of us. We were able to feed 3 families of 5 members each for a month. You may visit their website to learn more about their efforts in helping out our Filipino farmers.
  • May 2021: we made a donation to “One Million Lights Philippines,” an organization that aims to provide safe, affordable, and renewable solar-powered lights to our fellow Filipinos in the far-flung provinces where electricity is still scarce or expensive. You may also visit their home page to learn more about their initiatives.
  • June 2021: we were able to sponsor 5 mangrove seedlings for “CORA Philippines’ Mangrove Planting Program” that will help support the women who plant, grow, and maintain these mangroves in Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao.
  • July 2021: we supported “CORA Philippines’ Biodiversity Conservation Program” that will help safeguard the Tamaraws, an endangered species in Mindoro, and will support the brave rangers who are the frontliners and fierce protectors of the mountain. We were able to provide a week’s salary to one Tamaraw Ranger.
For the rest of this year, our donations will be supporting “For Our Farmers” to support their initiatives to provide food, insurance, and scholarships to the families of farmers here in the Philippines.
Thank you so much to all of those who contribute to these donations. Please know that your generosity supports so many beings on this planet so any amount counts.
Here are the classes I will be offering for November: Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Chair Yoga
To help guide you further, the class types for the weekly schedule is as follows:
Mondays/Tuesdays: Vinyasa/Chair Yoga
Fridays/Saturdays: Yin Yoga
You may access the classes by following my Teacher’s Profile, which will list down all the upcoming LIVE classes you can access and sign up for and will notify any changes to the schedule.
It would be an honour to have you all join my classes on Insight Timer and I look forward to your presence and energy again there. Please don’t forget to write on the comment box to say “Hi” or maybe even share your questions or insights and I will definitely address them during class. It is a good way to send feedback to let me know how I can better guide you in your practice.
See you in November, Insight Timer community!

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