Fitness Best Asia: Yoga Trainer of the Year (Philippines)

Dear friends, family, and community,
I would like to take this moment to share my deep gratitude to you and your constant support and confidence in my yoga teaching journey. With my yoga background and your enthusiastic votes and well-wishes, Fitness Best Asia awarded me the “Winner of Yoga Trainer of the Year” for the Philippines! What an honour! Thank you so much for inspiring me and believing in me!
As a winner of the National Award, it turns out that I’m automatically qualified for the Regional Award of “Yoga Trainer of the Year” in South East Asia. I will be interviewed by the judges this week and Fitness Best will be collating public votes and judges’ assessments to determine the regional winner of the award.
Should you wish to vote for me again, you may do so at Fitness Best: Yoga Trainer of the Year.
It is my honour and joy to continue serving you all through mindful, fun, and compassionate yoga classes.
Thank you, thank you, once again!

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