Whispers of Hope: Potion for the Passionate Vol 1

The first issue of Potion for the Passionate carries with it strong whispers of hope we reflect on little moments of joy amidst the tragic COVID-19 pandemic. As the world learns to adapt to the new normal, we find the glimmer of happiness in our humble abode.
The COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the whole world and significantly changed our lives in just a short time. It’s been a season of pausing, recalibrating, adjusting, and most of all, reaching out for hope amidst the darkness and confusion.
For some countries, social and economic restrictions are finally easing up. But for others, like mine, the restrictions hold steadfast after more than a year. It’s very easy to get caught up in despair, loneliness, and frustration and it could sometimes be tiring and disappointing to hold on to a meek and dwindling light of hope. And that’s when we are asked to look more deeply inwards because the truth is, the answer is not out there, it’s within. The hope that we’ve been looking for resides within each of us — in our thoughts, words, and actions. The pandemic is unfortunate but it could also be bringing us gifts we would have otherwise ignored. In the silence and safety of our homes, Whispers of Hope are heard more clearly because we have no other choice but to finally look within.
There are plenty of lessons to reap from our current global situation and I’m very honoured that a humble reflection of mine was accepted in this meaningful book published by Ukiyoto Publishing this September. My piece is entitled “Liminal Spaces” and it talks about connection, oneness, and yes, hope. It is now available to purchase on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback copy. If you’re interested, please do check it out. It’s just a little gift from Pandemic Anna to the world. I hope you like it!

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