Gratitude to the Insight Timer Community

Taking the time on a Sunday afternoon to send gratitude to our generous Insight Timer Community members who have been making donations to my live classes on the platform.
With your generosity, kindness, and light, we were able to donate 5 Mangrove Seedlings + Livelihood to the WoMangrove Warriors program of CORA Philippines last June 25, 2021.
Thank you so much for making this contribution possible!

The certificate is “awarded” to me but actually, I represent the beautiful Insight Timer community of Yoga with Anna Manalastas with this donation. It is through collective generosity that we were able to make this happen. Thank you!
Here is CORA Philippines’ sweet message of thanks for our collective donation:

Hi Planeteer!

Thank you so much for your kind and generous donation for the CORA WoMangrove Warriors Program. Your donation will go a long way as CORA aims to fulfill its 10-year plan for mangrove rehabilitation, support for livelihood in the community, opportunities for women in Leyte, and climate action. 

You have donated: 5 Mangrove Seedlings + Livelihood

Attached is your certificate of donation for reference. Again, we are grateful for your contribution and hope to hear more from you soon as a partner for the people and the planet!

You may get more updates on the WoMangrove Warriors Program on our social media accounts @planetcora and @wearecora. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Have a wonderful day!

Best regards,

Your CORA Family

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