Fitness Best Asia Awards: Yoga Trainer of the Year (Philippines)

As students deepen their yoga practice, they begin to seek clarity in transformation and progress. Are these teachers able to be the source of motivation and empower you in your journey of flexibility and strength?

Fitness Best
It’s such a great honor to be nominated as “Yoga Trainer of the Year” for the Philippines on Fitness Best Asia!
I was quite surprised to find out about the nomination today and to see that my work is being recognized alongside yoga pioneers in the country — those who have truly been at the forefronts of the practice even before I entered the picture!
Being the youngest of the nominees, I know it’s a long shot to even win (and the nomination itself is rewarding enough!) but if you guys would like to cast in a vote for support, you may do so at Fitness Best Asia Awards.
Cast your vote in at Fitness Best Asia Awards
Thank you so much in advance!

Congratulations to all the nominees!

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