Circles on Insight Timer

Namaste, fellow Holy Beings!
I am so happy to share that I have created circles on Insight Timer to provide a safe space to further discussion, deepen connections, and make suggestions for future classes among the students and meditators that have been going to my live classes.

There are currently two circles that anyone can join.
The “Yoga with Anna Manalastas Sangha” circle is open to all everyone who would like to participate and share their questions, opinions, and insights on the practice and teachings in yoga, meditation, and Buddhism.
The “Budokon Yoga with Anna Manalastas” circle is open to those who are particularly keen on deepening their understanding and practice of the Budokon style. Here, we will discuss, clarify, and further our study of the Budokon movement styles, the flow, and the philosophy behind the practice. Our conversations here will also give me feedback and ideas on future BDK classes on Insight Timer.
I look forward to having meaningful conversations with all of you through these circles.

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