INSIGHT TIMER LIVE: March 1-13 Schedule

As we enter into a new month, I humbly invite you to join and support our wonderful and uplifting community on Insight Timer.
It is such a blessing to get to connect with kindred spirits from all around the world even in the midst of a pandemic. Despite differing time zones, we are all equally in need of support in our journey towards healing and wellness and having a consistent schedule is key to creating healthy habits in the long run.
This is why I decided to set a fairly regular schedule for my Insight Timer live classes this March to offer the community some support through movement, breathing, and mindfulness.
For the first two weeks of this month, I will hold classes as much as twice during the work week and once in the weekend. All classes will be held at 8AM, Philippine Time, ranging from 30-minute meditation practice to 45-60 minute flows.
You may follow my Teacher’s Profile to get updated regarding the schedule and any changes that may occur. I will also be posting the schedule for the rest of the month afterwards.
If this resonates with you, I sure hope you can join and share your wonderful energy and presence with our growing global community.
Namaste, holy beings.

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