Philippine Teacher for Insight Timer

Namaste, Holy Beings!
It’s a pleasure to announce that I’ll be teaching more regular online LIVE classes on The Insight Timer application.
It is a deep privilege to be among the first Filipino teachers included in the roster of teachers sharing their practice on the #1 free app for sleep, anxiety, and stress. I have been using this application for years as it has a plethora of meditation practices and dharma talks from some of the teachers and individuals I’ve always looked up to. It is my way of connecting with my teachers but also with others all around the world who are seeking peace and happiness in their lives.
I will be teaching LIVE yoga classes through the app and will be adding some music and meditation tracks on my profile as time goes by.
I would be truly honoured if you would join me, and the rest of the global community, on the app so we can practice, integrate, and elevate our lifestyles in peace, love, and kindness. You can download the app on your mobile devices and follow me to get updates on the practices and meditation tracks I’ll be adding in the near future.
I do hope to see you, meet you, and practice with you there soon!
Love and light, always.

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