My Dear One, I Love You for Your Becoming

My dear one, I am proud of you

For waking up and acknowledging your triggers.

For pausing to feel instead of reacting.

And for determining the next wise action before moving.


Some things are better left as they are,

trusting that they will sort themselves out.


Other things are best handled with passion and fierceness,

upholding values that turn hurdles into ladders for ascension.


All things deserve to be handled

With mindful care, kindness, and grace.

Including you.


So it’s okay to feel the yuckiness, the shame, and the jealousy.

It’s okay to be in your body.

To connect with all your emotions.

To witness the unfolding stories of the mind.


You are still arising, growing, evolving.

You are unlearning.

And you are becoming.


I love you for embracing your humanity.

And I will be here for you

As you traverse this phase and the rest of your journey.


You are never alone for I love you throughout all time.

I believe in you.

I trust in your ascension.

NOVEMBER 5, 2020

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