Elevate: Yoga Masterclasses with Anna Manalastas

Open up your mind and body to a whole new world of possibilities.

Elevate your current yoga practice with our limited series of one-hour Spirited Masterclasses! This series will run on June 17, 19, 24, and 26 from 11AM-12NN.

Slots are limited to hurry and reserve your space now.
Just send a direct message to Kerry Sports Manila or send an email to kerrysportsmanila@shangri-la.com to secure your virtual mat!

The first Yoga Masterclass series will focus on developing flexibility, stability, and strength. Each class will feature a sequence that will help you progress towards the “peak” poses according to theme. Each masterclass builds and prepares you physically and mentally for the succeeding classes in the series.

June 17: Splits

The first class will focus on the Release of Splits. This will help you develop flexibility and free the tension in your lower back, hips, and legs, making it possible to access or transition into a full (or their own version of the) Split or “Hanumanasana – The Monkey God Pose” in yoga. As you make your way into different versions of splits, you realize your ability to not only open up the body but to also release limiting beliefs and overcome your “impossibilities.”
June 19: Arm Balances
The second masterclass tackles the Challenge of Arm Balances. The art of arm balances is not magic, it is a skill. We will explore the ways that you can enter into different arm balances and how to execute them safely and consistently. This class will help you develop upper body strength and stability and lower body flexibility required to carry your body weight on your hands; build your mental focus and stamina; and enable you to increase your confidence and ability to “fly” from the ground with grace, ease, and wisdom.
June 24: Headstands
The third masterclass will deconstruct the Art of Headstands. We will be entering the realm of inversions that literally brings your world upside down, allowing you to shine awareness into the dull areas of your body and establish a steady balance on your head. This masterclass will help you develop flexibility in your shoulders and strength in your upper back and core, improving posture and blood circulation throughout the whole of your body. With the head on the floor, we will study the skill of stacking the lower body over the upper body in a safe and effective way, giving you the tools you need to carry yourself through any position or challenge you encounter, whether it be on the mat or outside of it.
June 26: Handstands
The fourth masterclass will help you progress towards the Freedom of Handstands. For most, handstands can incite fear and resistance but with the right preparation, they can also unlock freedom, excitement, and confidence. In this class, we will build upon the lessons from the previous classes and bring them together in a progressive sequence that will strengthen, energize, and balance the body and mind. With the hands on the floor, rooting down with stability, the rest of the body can find the grounding and strength to rise and align, enabling the nervous system to slow down and helping you find ease and lightness even when your world is upside down. 

For more information, you may check out the posters below.

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