Tiny Self-Care Retreat

Do you feel like your emotions are all over the place?
Do you feel overwhelmed with the uncomfortable reality that life as you know it will not be the same?
Do you feel anxious and scared?
Do you want to feel safe and cared for and loved?
We feel you. We see you. We want to hold space for you.

Life Coach Aurora Suarez and I are inviting you to our second Tiny Self-Care Retreat on June 27, 2020, from 9 a.m.-12 noon.

During this time, you can take a big exhale, let go of worries and anxieties, feel that you’re not alone and take care of you. 

This is how we will spend our time together:

  • Meditation
  • A 30-minute yoga session to move and release tension in the body
  • Creative journaling
  • A gratitude practice.
  • A bonus: We will all be together in community to make each other feel safe, loved and not alone.

This Tiny Self-Care Retreat will honor your body, mind, heart and spirit. PLUS: You will also receive a digital workbook to continue your self-care practices after the retreat and a curated Spotify playlist. This will allow you to continue to give yourself the gift of safety and love.

The materials you need: Yoga mat, journal, a pen, coloring materials (whatever you have available) and a quiet space.

The retreat will be held over Zoom  and we will send you all the details once you register.

How much: Our intro rate is P950.

If you feel like you’ve been holding your breath for the past seven weeks, then join us so you can breathe and be. You deserve this.

Register at bit.ly/tinyretreatonline.


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