My Secret to Loving You

My dear one

Let me tell you my secret:


Whenever you wonder

Why I love you

When you’re imperfect

In so many ways


My heart breaks

And its fragments move

Into my mind, my eyes, my mouth

My chest, my arms, my legs


My blood carries

Pieces of this heart

That loves you so dearly

And spreads it



Whenever it breaks,

It breaks open for you

And so I love you

Not because you’re perfect

Or you’re imperfect


I don’t care about perfection

I don’t care about the dream

All I care about is this reality

The one I share with you


It’s more beautiful

Than any wish or hope

For it is already here


In you, the beauty I see

Can pierce through


That keep me blind


I am awake

In your midst,

I know

That who you are

Is a being that I love






With all your doubts,

Your pain, your anger


With your tenderness

Your wisdom, your soul

You are whole


Within you, I find

Hope, joy, and life

Within you, I know

That humanity

Is precious



You, my dear one,

A wonderful human being

You make me humane

You remind me of myself

You teach me how to be

Still, present, amazed


Life is perfect

With you around

My heart could break

But it will never perish


For you, my love,

Give it reason

To keep evolving,


From my heart to yours


May you see

That your struggle

To breathe, to change, to improve

That your self-judgment in mistakes

That your meticulous words,

Thoughts, and actions


These are all signs

That you care so deeply

For this world.


May you see that within yourself

And while you learn how

I am here, my dear one,

To hold you

And show you

The love that’s already there

So you can remember

The love that you already are

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