Blurred Lines


The power of extremes lies in

The blurring of lines.

You don’t know when one emotion ends

and the other begins.

Because even though they’re opposites,

They’re connected.

Without one, the other does not exist.


And so it is.

That without pain,

Joy would not be understood.

Without emptiness,

Fullness would have no meaning.

Without indifference,

Love would not be celebrated.


In grief,

There is the value of having.

In suffering,

The value of surrender.

In anger, the value of compassion.


Though the heart may be fragile,

It is only because

It carries the vastness

Of human experience.


Though the mind feels burdened,

The weight it carries

Holds the liberation of humanity.



Though life’s balance is delicate,

Its teetering

Causes us

To awaken

And respond with wisdom.


May we always

Heed the call of our soul,

To blur the lines

And see the truth,

To come back home,

To align with each other,

To let go of the fear

Of touching what is truly alive.

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