Sometimes We Lose (And That’s Okay)

Sometimes we lose a relationship but we win ourselves back.

We lose a promotion or a job opportunity but then we win some time to spend with loved ones, improve, or redirect our plans.

Sometimes we lose our health but we win back our peace when we are forced to rest and be still.

Or we may lose the dream but win the lessons we won’t learn otherwise.

Sometimes we lose ourselves in the drama, and the chaos, and the mystery but in the end, it all clears out and we remember who we truly are.


We are more ourselves

After we have lost.

Whatever we sacrifice brings us back the space of awareness, compassion, and understanding that’s denied in the world.

It is mostly through losing that we regain our focus on these divine gifts and ultimately add to it in our awakening.


In this journey of life, there are no losses and gains

Just movement, expansion, and evolution.


May we always see the bigger picture.

It is all as it should be.

It is all right.

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