Healthy Options and Mindful Choices

On May 24, Healthy Options opened their 32nd branch on the 2nd floor of the newly-renovated Podium Mall in Ortigas.

Healthy Options at 2F Podium Mall

It was such perfect timing to swing by as I had a class in the area that day and I was preparing to go to Japan for a long-overdue week-long vacation with my family.

My personal shopping list consisted of replenishment of my health supplements, a mineral deodorant I’ve been keen to try, and some hearty snacks to bring to our family trip to Japan the following week.

My hoard was more than I originally planned for but I decided to give myself a treat anyway.

Out of all the items in my shopping cart, I would like to highlight just a few of them – namely the collagen supplement, papaya enzymes, basic multi supplement, probiotic tablets pictured below.

1) NeoCell Super Collagen +C; 2) American Health Chewable Super Papaya Enzyme Plus; 3) Healthy Options Basic Multi; 4) American Health Chewable Acidophilus and Bifidum
These are my personal must-haves!

Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR) – Chewable Super Papaya Enzyme Plus and Chewable Acidophilus and Bifidum

Last year, I developed some gut sensitivities to the eating habits that I had. I was diagnosed with laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR,) a type of acid reflux that affects the throat and can cause damage to the vocal chords. Being a yoga teacher, it is very important that I take care of my body, including my voice as I use it to guide, communicate, and encourage my students in their practice. For almost a month, I couldn’t speak and the following month, my voice was so raspy that my ENT was scared nodes were forming in my larynx. Aside from that, LPR also causes sleeplessness and body fatigue from lack of rest. I would cough continuously throughout the day and it would further irritate my throat. There would be days when I was awake for more than 42 hours and it was so frustrating to face the day with zombie eyes, shot voice, and an over-fatigued body. This caused a lot of anxiety and stress that further upset my belly. It’s both amazing and scary how an imbalance in one part of the body can affect the whole system. Everything truly is interconnected.

I was down with LPR for 3 months of last year and I had to take different medications to treat the acidity in my belly, the inflammation in my throat, and the mucus that was forming in my chest. I was prescribed some steroids, antihistamines, and beta blockers and some of the medication I took gave me really awful side effects like nausea, migraines, or lack of sleep. For a while, it seemed like nothing I did helped.. but I realize my problem was that I relied too heavily on medication and didn’t trust that my capacity could heal my own body simply with the choices and habits that I cultivate.

Last year was a big wakeup call for me to get my act together and find ways to address the very real problem I had. One remedy for LPR is to watch what I ate. I couldn’t eat anything acidic, which included dairy, spices, and even citrus fruits. But even with my mindful eating habits, I would still accidentally ingest something that upset my stomach. For a time, I took antacids until my friend who also has a sensitive tummy recommended that I take some papaya enzymes to help me digest my food. It worked wonders for my belly and it’s a huge plus that it’s yummy! I also grabbed some chewable probiotic tablets since I couldn’t take Yakult or yogurt for the time being. It helped me maintain a healthy gut environment so my organs can heal faster and I could absorb my food better.

Once I had these in my arsenal, my belly calmed down and thankfully, it hasn’t had a flareup yet in 2019. *fingers crossed*

Daily Supplements – Super Collagen +C and Basic Multi Supplements

Because of my traumatic LPR experience last year, I also endeavoured to further my quest for holistic health by taking a food intolerance test from LifeScience. Aside from identifying the different foods that my gut can tolerate, the test package also included a body composition analysis and a consultation with a nutritionist. After carefully dissecting my results and my lifestyle, my nutritionist suggested that I take more collagen to secure healthier bones, joints, and muscles in my body. She suggested that I eat bone broth but I wasn’t keen on it because I was transitioning into a mostly-vegetarian diet. I decided to get some collagen supplements instead and added some multi-vitamins for good measure. So far, with all of these adjustments that I’ve been making, I feel significantly better and stronger.


It’s really important to take charge of your life by making healthy and mindful choices. That’s why I am so happy about the continuing expansion of Healthy Options stores.  I love that their products are mostly organic and natural, providing a more holistic alternative to processed foods and ingredients, pharmaceutical medications, cosmetics, and even hygienic products. Taking holistic to a higher level, they cater to all ages as well – from infants to toddlers and babies, to children, adults, and seniors. They offer a good range of options for everybody – including athletes, pregnant women, vegetarians/vegans, and lots more. Healthy Options truly offers something for each person to support their journey towards a healthier and happier life.


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