Guidance and Inspiration

January has always been a month for drawing inspiration and creating new beginnings. At the start of the year, people usually set intentions to care and elevate their body, mind, and spirit. They jot down goals that they would like to achieve and break them down into doable actions throughout the weeks and months.

Most times though, no matter how focused you are, life situations get in the way and completely steer you off course. This is why it’s important to find something – or someone – to keep you inspired and bring you back to your path.

I’ve always looked up to my teachers’ practice and lifestyle to remind me of what’s important. I seek out people who emulate values and attitudes that I would like to imbibe too. I get inspiration from those who have walked the path before. But I wouldn’t have thought that in doing my best to constantly become a better version of myself, others would follow suit.

So I’m very honored to be part of When in Manila’s Top 20 Female Instructors Who Will Inspire You To Keep Working Out. Where I am today is only because of the guidance I’ve gotten from my teachers and from the path of yoga.


As they say, whatever you work out, you work in. The mind and body are interconnected. Just as we all are.


Have a wonderful and inspired year ahead!

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