Lipstick Talks: Live Boldly with Revlon

A few months ago, I was asked by an old college friend if she can interview me about how I discovered my path in yoga. My journey has always pleasantly surprised me because it was not planned at all. Looking back, I find that everything really does fall into place at the right time and the right moment. We just need to trust and live boldly, taking the leaps that our hearts are asking of us and believing that we will be supported.

So if for now, your path seems confusing. Maybe you’re in a slump or in a phase of depression and frustration, know that this too shall pass. Hang tight, smile through the tension, and breathe out what is unnecessary. Connect to your inner voice and be led from that place. Trust your self cause you know the way. Life unfolds quite beautifully through the seasons like the flowers that bloom when tended to.

Have a wonderful November 2018!


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