Natarajasana: Dance Through the Peaks and Valleys of Life

The start of the every month always forces me to pause and take stock of what happened previously. It gives me the opportunity to reflect on my intentions and recalibrate my actions so I can move towards the direction of my choice. It’s a new beginning and a new path being paved.

Recently, I went through a huge devastation in my inner world. It was as if the ground I was walking on crumbled and whatever kept me grounded disappeared. My anchors were unhinged and I had to stumble into the darkest parts of my self again. Light was shed at the many illusions I held onto and I realize once more that everything changes. Nothing lasts forever.

For a moment, I would stare in disbelief at how unstable this world is.. but then I am immediately forced to stand and pick up the pieces to recreate a new paradise I could safely retreat to.

Every so often, aftershocks of the previous world’s destruction would echo back in my memory and in my heart. I would once more pause, feel the sting of what I have lost, and shed some tears for those I have hurt. I am reminded that I am not perfect but moreso that I am human and that I’m capable of growth. We all are.

Natarajasana is Shiva’s pose. Shiva is the Hindu God of destruction. He destroys everything, not to maliciously cause suffering, but to shed light to our attachments and illusions. He gives us the opportunity to awaken to the ties that bind us – the ties we ourselves have created – and urges us to step out of the toxic trap and into true freedom.

Nothing is ever certain in this ever-changing world. In order to be truly free, we need to strike a balance between strength and flexibility, grounding and flight, power and vulnerability. We need to learn to dance with the winds of change. We must be willing to let go of those that no longer serve us – our baggages – so we can be light enough to flow gracefully in this life.


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