Crystal Healing


The last few weeks have caused a huge devastation in one important part of my life. I turned to a lot of healing methods that have been very effective for me in the past but I’ve forgotten to honor and reconnect with these last few years. One of those is crystal healing.

In the search to calm my anxieties and comfort my grief and regrets, I was led back to the very kind and generous soul of Indigo Crystals. I chose a few tumbled stones to meditate with and got an immediate response and delivery from her, even on a holiday.

That day, I wore my selenite necklace and felt immediate peace and calm within me. It was amazing to see how fast these worked! But the next day, I was even more surprised to see how much toxic energy they ended up absorbing from me! When I was about to wear my selenite necklace, I saw frays on the cord that made me feel like it will fall if I wear it that day. I observed my Selenite and Angeline tumbled stones and saw that they too had small cracks already, which I didn’t notice when first receiving them. My rose quartz started off very clean and pink but now, I see it has absorbed some dirt on its surface. And then today, as I woke up, my Angelite, which I slept with under my pillow, fell out of bed and developed an even bigger crack on the side!

At first, I was really sad to see this but after some research, I realized these things happen for a reason and that maybe my stones had to crack and shift shape so it can vibrate better with me and help me more with my healing. In the meantime, I decided to give some of them a break today and bathe them under the light of my Himalayan Salt Lamp.

It’s been a very topsy turvy few months but I have to trust that all things happen for a reason and that I should let go more. My daily meditations have been helping me gain more softness in my rigidity but these crystals have definitely raised my vibration and aided my emotional healing faster as well. I’m very grateful for this path and the people I meet and learn from along the way. Namaste, holy beings!

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