Encouragement to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In lieu of getting sick and deeply reflecting on Earth Day, I’ve become more mindful about my personal waste and spending habits.

One of the simple things I’ve started doing everyday is to carry around one of my Klean Kanteen bottles to keep hydrated and to contain any take-away drinks I may purchase. Thankfully, all of the studios I teach at provide clean drinking water so I get to refill my bottle for free (yay savings!) and help lessen the use of paper cups one at a time.

I’ve also started the habit of having an extra reusable bag handy. The one I have is from Chico Bags and it’s very convenient because it comes with a carabiner so I can easily attach and detach it from my bag. It’s also very spacious and sturdy, carrying up to 40 pounds of weight.

I used it multiple times yesterday when I did my errands and saved P15 from my purchases! Marks and Spencer alone took off P10 from my bill cause I didn’t use their paper bag! (Wow, packaging costs that much?)

It’s encouraging to be more proactive about this because our retail stores are very accommodating and the cashiers are very appreciative of any small efforts to help reduce. It makes me smile and gives me hope that if we each do our parts, we can really make a change!


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