Free Flow for Mobility and Stability

This free flow is meant to move and stabilize the joints through grounding and balancing poses.

Sequence flow:

  • Balasana (child’s pose:) helps to ground and connect us to the earth, to our breath, and to the present moment
  • Ado Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog:) the free movement in the beginning helps to warm up the body, strengthening the upper body and stretching the lower body gradually
  • Plank: full body workout, holding the pose helps to wake up all the muscle groups and establish stable grounding and breathwork
  • Vasisthasana variations (side plank variation:) wakes up side body muscles, especially obliques, and challenges balance
    • Arm circles: mobilizes the shoulder joints, loosening and stretching the muscle groups surrounding it
    • Vasisthasana extension (side plank variation:) challenges the core and balance on a higher level, full extension stretches the cross-section of the front body
  • Anjaneyasana (crescent lunge:) stabilizes front leg control and stretches back leg psoas muscle
    • Deeper backbend opens up the front body and challenges balance in pose
  • Ardha Hanumanasana (half-split:) counter-stretches the hamstrings and mobilizes the hip joint
  • Ashwa Sanchalasana (high lunge:) strengthens both legs in the lunge by carrying the body weight and encourages balance from a higher center of gravity
  • Virabhadrasana III (warrior III:) strengthens and stabilizes standing leg in the balancing pose, makes use of core strength to find center and keep hips square
  • Standing apanasana (standing knee to chest pose:) challenges balance, focus, and concentration, ignites core strength
  • Parivrtta Uttana Pristhasana (twisted lizard pose:) good introduction to full vasisthasana, gentle twists for the spine from the core
  • Vasisthasana (side plank:) strengthens side body muscle groups and establishes core strength; move slow to maintain balance
  • Camatkarasana (wild thing or flip-dog:) this backbend variation wakes up spine by opening the chest to the sky and extending arm to the ground

I hope you guys enjoyed this and can try it out for yourselves to see how it works for you. Feel free to send in comments and suggestions for this section so we can make it grow and steer it in a direction that will be beneficial and enjoyable for everyone.

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