Pale Blue Dot

Today’s personal meditation led me to a reflection on kindness.


I was reminded of Carl Sagan’s musings on “Pale Blue Dot,” specifically about how our Earth is simply a dot in this vast cosmos. In relation to time, our existence is barely even a blink. Sometimes, we get caught up in competition with other beings on this planet, striving to be better than everyone else, which causes suffering, helplessness, and destruction. And yet, what is it for? To “become momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.”

Seen from a wider, universal perspective, no one will remember what awards we got or how much money we earned in our lifetime. No one will remember how we separated ourselves from others so we can be “distinct,” “unique,” “envied.”

In the vast scheme of things, how can we make our existence on this pale blue dot worthwhile?

Through unity. Through kindness and compassion. Through realizing we are not one but we are One. One Pale Blue Dot. Together.

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