Elevating Standards

Rockwell Land 2017 Calendar

Counting down the days till 2017. Been struggling with setting my personal theme for next year until I got the new Rockwell Land calendar in the mail.
How apt that the theme for the month I posed for reminded me about raising my standards in all aspects. I was just telling a few friends that the end of 2016 has left me reeling and more confused than when it started and I think it’s because I finally let go of things and relationships that didn’t serve me. They were my comfort zone and I struggled to detach from them. And though it’s liberating and I feel more light-hearted, it’s also scary to step into a new year without this security to rely on.

When I come to think of it, the past few weeks have been quite enlightening actually. I’ve connected with people who I feel are mature, wise, and authentic. I have gone back to basics. I’ve learned to value what I already have. And I’m starting to feel excited for what’s to come.

I may not know exactly what those are, nor do I plan to define them to soon. All I know is that I’ve learned much from 2016 and that I can expect more experiences and challenges in 2017 that will elevate my current level of understanding and being. In 2017, I’m raising my standards for myself. Be authentically you, Anna.

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