Start from Here


It’s in moments like these that I find the time and space to let things in, with no filter or barriers. And it is here where I begin to feel fully.

The past few weeks have been beautiful but were also sprinkled with troubling news and heavy emotions. I get confused as to what to do or what to think. I tell myself to keep an open mind and to stay steadfast in my belief that all things will work out for the best. Sometimes I succeed but sometimes I fail miserably. And when I do, I go back to what I know and to what grounds me – my yoga practice.

As I explore the possibilities and inch past the limits of my body, my mind and heart open up. My perspective shifts and I find that what is here now is meant to be as it is. Only through acceptance can I find the true beauty and wisdom underneath the challenges and the violence and the uncertainties. As one of my favorite authors, Eckhart Tolle, has said, “The only place of power is Now.” Start from here, Anna.

I am reminded by this excerpt that really struck me from The Book of Joy:

“Start where you are, and realize that you are not meant on your own to resolve all of these massive problems. Do what you can. It seems so obvious. And you will be surprised, actually, at how it can get to be catching. Remember that you are not alone, and you do not need to finish the work. It takes time, but we are learning, we are growing, we are becoming the people we want to be. It helps no one if you sacrifice your joy because others are suffering. We people who care must be attractive, must be filled with joy, so that others recognize that caring, that helping and being generous are not a burden. They are a joy. Give the world your love, your service, your healing, but you can also give it your joy. This, too, is a great gift.”

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