A Moment of Gratitude

Taking a few minutes of my evening tonight to review and process the two weeks that were. Can’t be any more grateful for the way things fall quite perfectly into place and for the embrace of happy and synchronistic things when you’re truly inspired. 

I’m glad to have the company of wonderful friends and a loving family. I feel comfortable in the security of my home and this city. I am so thankful for all the opportunities to reset, redirect, and to help others in the simplest of ways. I am humbled by the challenges I face and the fear and uncertainty of the future. But I am excited by the surprises that I know are along the way and those little gems of wisdom ripe for the picking in my journey. 

Thank you for these reassuring high vibrations, Universe. I won’t be perfect but I’m ready for that ride now.

Thank you, Indigo Crystals, for this beautiful prehnite stone (which coincidentally is shaped like a heart.) Been using this as one of my meditation crystals recently and its vibes are strong and uplifting.

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