Listen to the Messages

For me, part of practicing mindfulness is being able to listen and catch the messages that the Universe (or present moment) is giving me. This morning, I woke up feeling a bit off – tired from yesterday’s shenanigans with friends and family. I knew I needed to recalibrate. I reached for my crystal bracelets from The Mala Tree and, for the first time in months, changed the combination that I would wear today.

I chose my crazy lace agate bracelet which promotes good vibes and laughter. It also helps with skin conditions such as eczema, allergies and acne. Yesterday, my skin was breaking out because of the stress, the weather, and my low energy. I thought this would help alleviate my mood for the day. Then I added my kunzite bracelet, which is my favorite simply because I feel at peace looking at it. It’s my bracelet for love and compassion and it reminds me to foster good relationships with others. Lastly, I wore my labradorite bracelet, which is the stone for intuition and synchronicities. It was the first stone that I was immediately attracted to – physically and spiritually. Then I reached for my moonstone ring that I bought in Boracay. It’s a calming stone and I connect deeply with it because I’ve found myself being particularly sensitive to the phases of the moon.
Then I went to teach my first two classes at Beyond Salcedo. I wasn’t completely aware of it but I realize now that my mood significantly shifted to a higher plan from when I woke up. And the most beautiful thing I noticed was that I was particularly attracted to one student’s smile. She would smile during my introduction, through the gentle poses and even until the particularly challenging ones. She would smile so naturally that you knew she wasn’t aware she was doing it but she just exuded peace and happiness. During yin class, I caught myself actually thinking.. “Wow, I could learn a lot from this student’s smile.”

And then I realized.. It was the universe’s way of reminding me to bring more laughter in my life because I was so attracted to it! I was able to immediately connect this synchronicity to my crazy lace agate bracelet which I wore for the first time too. I’m amazed at how fast the universe works and how clear its messages are!

Really, everything is connected. We just need to wake up and listen to the clues that life brings.

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