Surrender to the Present Moment

Earlier, on my way home from class, a small branch with three dry and brown leaves fell, slowly twirling in front of me. It stopped me in my tracks (right before I was about to cross the and I caught myself smiling at the beautiful and graceful way that life moves.

It’s the very small things like these that remind me of how amazing every single thing is and how much we can learn from nature. I’m sure this branch didn’t want to let go of the security of its mother tree. I can imagine it held on for dear life. But when the time came, the branch gently surrendered and fell with ease to the ground.

Everything in life moves and the only way we can flow through life is to let things come as they are and let things go when they should. Thank you, small branch with three leaves for reminding me to walk slower and to appreciate all that is here.

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