Keep on Learning

Reminiscing about my very spontaneous visit to Hong Kong three years ago. I flew to take the 4-day workshop series of @bryceyoga in TST. It was a very memorable experience. ☺️ I got to meet @yogawithbriohny and @diceyoga and their traveling assistant at the time, @brucechungyoga. 💗 I enjoyed the strong and sweaty classes and learned how to refine my handstand. I was just doing yoga for about a year then and just came from my first Asia Yoga Conference around 2 months prior. I was really on a high to learn and experience new styles of yoga. I still am and I’m finding more and more that the beauty of exploring is meeting such wonderful people along the way. 💆🏻💗🙏🏻

I can’t wait for what the future has in store for me. Universe, I want to learn more, do more, and be more. I don’t wanna be perfect.. I just wanna keep growing. I’m ready for the surprises and spontaneous learning trips you are laying in my path. 

Thank you for bringing this all together. Like that old saying goes, “Things will only manifest when the conditions are right.” I’m not quite sure who said it but I know we discussed it a bit too at #moracay2016 two weeks ago when we were studying some verses of the #bhagavadgita. Everything falls into place. Feeling really content and at peace right now. 
Good night, holy beings! Hoping we cross paths somewhere sometime. 🙆🏻

#yoga #yogaeveryday #flashbackfriday #keeponlearning #keepongrowing #everythingfallsintoplace #namaste #YogawithAnnaMan

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