We Are Gods and Goddesses

Goddess pose teaches us to keep strong amidst adversities and to keep ourselves open and grounded even if we feel like giving up. 

There will always be a time when it feels like we’re being pushed to the edge and they’re just waiting for us to fall. It could be people, it could be situations.. But sometimes it could even be us. 

When you’re tired, rest. When you’re energized, do and share. When you’re depleted, look within. Know what sucks the energy from you, release that, and connect with what nourishes you. You have all the power within to create change in this life.. You are a god and a goddess. Harness the power and make it work for this world we have. ☺️

Been feeling quite heavy recently and I feel it’s caused by a number of things.. The hot weather, the busy schedule, the insane traffic, the PMS, the retrograde.. It’s also the negativity surrounding the elections. 

To be honest, I’m afraid but I’m also a bit hopeful. Change is coming and it may shake the very ground we walk on. But we gotta stay rooted and strong. Hold steady and know what you’re fighting for. We are all gods and goddesses and we can make the changes that we wish to see in this world. πŸ’†πŸ»πŸ’—πŸŒŽ

#adifferentperspective #reflection #YogawithAnnaMan #goddesspose #yoga #yogaeveryday #manilasummer #manilayogis  

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