Happiness Happened at the Ekam Community Event!

One Community

Wow, my heart is so full from seeing the Ekam Community grow even bigger on our second event.

Last Sunday, happiness truly happened when around 33 people gathered together to dance, do yoga, and interact with each other over vegan food and refreshing drinks.

The event started with Teacher Nikki’s Sweat Session, a dance fitness class mixing aerobic workout and sexy “giling-gilings” to help move the body into shape. As an Ekam Community member, Mary, calls it, “dancingan.” The attendees were very game for it and dance their hearts out, they did. It was amazing to see so many smiling faces despite the workout they just did.

EKAM 09Aug15-8466 EKAM 09Aug15-8150 IRENE 3 MICHELLE 1

My favorite part was when we asked each person to distribute the snacks to other people for a sense of community building and to encourage making new friends. It went better than I actually expected. By the end of the exchange, people were already sitting together in groups and were chatting each other up. That made my heart melt. The community is finally growing!

EKAM 09Aug15-8662 EKAM 09Aug15-8661EKAM-AUG-2015-86 EKAM-AUG-2015-94 EKAM-AUG-2015-90 EKAM-AUG-2015-88 EKAM-AUG-2015-89 EKAM-AUG-2015-87

And finally, it was my turn to lead a gentle stretch yoga class to help ease the muscle tension and the fatigue from all the dance fitness routines. I was amazed at the calm energy and the easy release I felt through the class. These people are all amazing. And I’m glad to have been in their presence last August 9, 2015.

EKAM-AUG-2015-1 EKAM-AUG-2015-43 EKAM 09Aug15-8752 EKAM 09Aug15-8762

Ekam partners: Teacher Nikki and Teacher Anna

Can’t wait for the next Ekam event! Visit often for updates!

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