Yoga at the Park

Last Thursday, July 30, at the break of dawn, I went to do a 2-hour video shoot at Track 30th in Bonifacio Global City. For the shoot, I was asked to wear something colorful and popping and to do my usual yoga routine.

Whenever I do yoga, I always tune everything out.. even the cameras that were focused on me for the video. It was great to feel the cool breeze on my skin and to practice on soft and moist grass. The birds were also singing and the sun was shining quite gently that day.

It was a wonderful experience, one that I definitely plan to do more often. I usually practice in the park in the afternoons. It’s not as peaceful as practicing in the morning. If you guys are game for it, maybe we can have a yoga practice at Track 30th one morning a week to just fill our bodies with general good vibes and with the loving and nurturing embrace of nature. Message me if you’re game!

In the meantime, here are some BTS photos of that shoot. It was fun and very efficient, yay!

IMG_5996 IMG_6003 IMG_6006 IMG_6010

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