Embarking on a Change

2015-07-24 10.48.33

So it’s been a week since my birthday and I was really itching for a change. A lot of plans haven’t been going the way I had expected them to so I guess I needed a way to regain a bit of control. So I decided to cut my own hair earlier. For a change. Cut it the length I wanted and in a style I wanted, which isn’t so complicated.

Welp, it turned out shorter than I wanted and it was more complicated than I though. HAHAHA! I am so sure my layers are all uneven and jagged. Lucky for me my hair is naturally curly/wavy so that covers my booboos up.

In any case, this is going to take some getting used to. I did it myself. I’m not exactly proud, but I’m not exactly regretting it either.

But I always look back to the ideas of yoga and how they can help me cope with the sudden twists and mistaken turns I take. I know I’m not human. I’m probably the one person I know who always takes the longest path going to where I want to go. I’m honestly indecisive and a huge overthinker. It has never really served me well.. except that I can catch myself now and I can recall how overthinking has just caused more pain in my life – told you about the longer path. I usually deal with things quite unconventionally – note the hair cutting. But that’s not necessarily wrong. So I’m at a place now when I tell myself always, especially when there are detours ahead, that all things always happen according to plan. The delays might feel like mistakes but they’re actually just adjustments to prepare us for the road ahead.

So I’m gonna take this in stride. And I’m going to observe my thoughts and my habits. I quite like change.. but I’m not a huge jumper. Let’s see where the winds take me from here. I cut my hair to gain more control of my life.. but maybe that metaphor is a catalyst too, for a new perspective ahead.

2015-07-27 00.39.182015-07-25 22.50.01

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