The Art of Giving Art

2015-07-21 08.56.46-1

A good friend of mine is a very wonderful and talented artist. She draws, she paints, and she turns blank pieces of paper, metal, string into very beautiful pieces of art. She tells me she does this as a form of release – to de-stress from the overwhelming emotions she sometimes get from the endless motion of life. That makes me smile.

That makes me smile because not long ago, when I decided to leave the comfort of a stable job to study yoga and become a yoga teacher, I turned to art as well. I’m not a very great artist, but once in a while I could make something beautiful that I could be proud of. When I was young, broke, and had so much free time, I would make tiny pieces of art to give to the people I cherished the most. I would frame them and write a secret note behind the artwork as a gentle surprise, just in case my loved ones would think to open the frame up.

It was my way of showing that I cared, without having to treat them with things and experiences that can be bought. It wasn’t that my art was quite artistic, it was that the act of giving art had become an art in itself. An art which requires patience, practice, and a lot of love. An art that takes a lot of thoughtfulness on what the person you’ll be giving it to would appreciate. An art where you undeniably expose a part of yourself to the recipient of the gift. It is an art that isn’t necessarily meant to be displayed for aesthetics but for the value that it projects.

The Art of Giving Art is about revealing yourself, expressing a truth that you believe in, and showing appreciation for the person you’re giving your gift to. I have forgotten this art but I am glad to be reminded of it through my friend’s thoughtful birthday gift.

I am grateful for the beauty and the thoughtfulness she put in creating this artwork. I am touched by the time and effort she invested to make it beautiful for me. I am honored that she tried to make something that reflected her inwardly and reflected me outwardly. Thank you, Monica, for such a wonderful gift. The mantra below is a beautiful reminder as well. I am very grateful. May you continue to find yourself and spread more light in the world through your art. You’re very talented. 🙂

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