A Year Older

2015-07-19 12.09.42-1

I turned a year older, but I feel very much the same. I spent the day quite simply, nothing very special except when I had my nails done. (It’s been long overdue.)

I don’t feel any different, but that’s not necessarily bad. I’m quite happy and content actually, that for my birthday I asked for only one thing – that my family go out of town for the long weekend and spend it at my happy place, Sonya’s Garden. I was so elated that they were all game for it.

There’s nothing spectacular that I want to say now, except that I’m glad. I’m very glad for all the blessings that have come my way; for all the trials that tested me physically, emotionally and mentally; and for everyone I met along the way who have been a huge part of my journey. Truly, all things are one and everything comes from light.

I hope I always remember this simple truth and that I can easily believe it, especially in moments of great challenge.

For now though, I smile and I stretch and I do what I love. I hope everyone can feel free to do the same.

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