Make One Community

Last Saturday, July 4, Ekam launched its first event at Red Oak Studio in Two Serendra BGC. It was very well-attended by our dear friends whom we’ve danced and practiced yoga with through the past two years. Although it seemed like a big event, it was quite limited and we kept it that way. Nikki and I focused on keeping the event intimate, yet fun, and meaningful.

The event lasted for 3 hours, including a yoga class, a dance fitness class, and vegan snacks and refreshments.

I started off with a yoga class that focused on going back to basics. The attendees are in different levels in their yoga practice and I decided that returning to the foundational elements and ideas of yoga would be more grounding and relevant to all. I also hoped that emphasizing the importance of the basic positions, the breath, and the general cultivation of mindfulness would come out in the simple sequence that I prepared. We worked on strengthening and stretching and completely relaxing.


At the end of class, we all got up refreshed and ready to have our delicious vegan snacks and drinks. The event was sponsored by VitaCoco, delicious natural coconut water, and meals were provided by Juicesabel, a very ingenious vegan restaurant along Kalayaan. Their burgers were the best! Very scrumptious. The attendees loved it so much, even the 13-year-old did!


After a few minutes of break, we got ready to try out Nikki’s Sweat Session, a dance fitness program that she’s been developing for a while now. It was amazingly upbeat yet challenging, energetic, and fun! We did a few songs where we repeated around 2-3 workout moves per song. Each song focused on certain muscle groups like core, arms, and legs and butt. The second half of the session focused on moving around and dancing to Nikki’s signature zumba moves. It was incredibly enjoyable, albeit tiring.


It’s been a few days since and I am still reeling from the high vibrations and close connections we have made. It was such a joy to see old friends again, dance with them, and be one with their energy. Their feedback was very heartfelt and they were so excited for the next event.

My heart is so full from the high vibrations and the smiles last Saturday. It reminded me of how important what I do could be and how a community really feels like again. Truly, when you #dowhatyoulove, everything is more pure and creates a bigger impact on the people you’re with. Thank you, Ekam Community! We learn so much from your energy, your camaraderie, and your passion. I hope you keep growing! 🙂 Here’s to more events in the very near future!

For now, I leave you with my favorite photo from the event.

All smiles, all sweat, and all good vibes! Till next time, Ekam Community. Make one. :)
All smiles, all sweat, and all good vibes! Till next time, Ekam Community. Make one. 🙂

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