Taking “International Day of Yoga” Way Too Literally


The Universe really has an amusing sense of humor.

So last Sunday was such a special and eventful day. In the Philippines (and maybe most of the world,) it was not only “International Day of Yoga,” but it was also Father’s Day.

My day started out quite productively as I got to share yoga with some beginners at Certified Calm’s “There’s Something About Yoga” event. I woke up and took my time, enjoying each step as I walked to the venue, that I didn’t realize I arrived only 5 minutes before my class was supposed to start! Thankfully, everything else was fixed up already. The 75-minute class focused on a basic but hardworking flow, where I introduced the plank-chaturangga-upward dog-downward dog vinyasa to the students. I added in some stretches and core work and ended the class with a restful savasana. I was very grateful to meet new people and establish a good connection with other people within the yoga community. I stayed for a while to chat up with the students and share the reasons why I love yoga. Before I left for my next class, I was given some crazy delicious “baon” or “snacks for the road” by the wonderful sponsors of the event, VitaCoco and V. Kitchen Manila. I got some nice goodies from Certified Calm, Dove, and free passes from other studios as well. Happiness!

After that, I zoomed to Libis to teach my 9:30AM class. I was so surprised to see quite a lot of students there, mainly because I haven’t been in Manila for the past three weeks so I figured they probably forgot about me already. Pleasantly enough, it was the opposite. I had the humbling honor of teaching some of the stronger and more regular students in the studio, and to have a co-teacher I look up to take my class. (I’m looking at you, Quino.) I was also happy to be able to share some goodies I received at the Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong. I found out a student of mine was going there in a week and she wanted to take the classes of my teacher. The drop-in rates are very expensive there so I gave her my 1-week unlimited pass for Pure instead. She was so excited to receive it and I was very happy that I could help her explore and deepen her practice!

I drove to Katipunan for lunch with my family and we had our simple – but long – Happy Father’s Day celebration and tradition in Via Mare. I’m not very vocal to my family members but I’m so appreciative of all their support and unconditional love. Seeing all of us together just reminded me of how much I love and respect them too.

A few hours later, despite feeling tired and a little sick, I went to Makati to cap off my eventful Sunday with one last activity: teaching a short yoga segment on an online live streaming show. But the catch is – the site is only accessible to people in China! It was very amusing! Talk about International Day of Yoga. I really think that sometimes, the Universe takes things way too literally! Nevertheless, I’m very glad and grateful that I get to share what I love to a range of diverse communities.






I came home feeling quite fulfilled and blessed to be back home. Truly, all things fall into place – if we can only let go of trying to control everything.

I hope you guys had a great week as well! Namaste.

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